Corporate Role-Play Actors and Business Communications Solutions


“Peers and Players has been involved with KPMG since 1998 and we draw on a pool of about 15 actors for the various programs. Overall, the involvement of the actors enhances the credibility of the role plays and improves the learning experience for participants.” - People, Performance and Culture, KPMG Australia


Increase staff retention and productivity
through corporate training

It is becoming universally known that staff with clear work goals and
parameters, who communicate easily with their peers, superiors and
subordinates are exponentially more productive and vastly more
likely to remain within an organisation.

For over 16 years Peers and Players has helped organisations develop
their communication culture to achieve exactly this. Our experienced
professional local actors know what you need and how to deliver it,
on time and on budget.

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How can we help you provide more effective corporate training today?

Welcome to Peers and Players

Peers and Players manPeers and Players has provided local professional role-play actors and trainers for corporate assessment, development and training since 1998. We serve a large range of clients in various industries with custom designed services.

We can save you money by providing a consistent and objective experience to support your unique training requirements using fabulous local corporate actors in your region. Our people give you the advantage by having corporate and business experience as well as corporate training and professional credits on stage and screen. Our services will use either written or real life case studies to support and train your staff to communicate more effectively at work.

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Peers and Players supports the national Whitelion Bail Out fundraisers helping at risk youth


Our highly trained and professional actors can provide a number of different services to enhance your corporate
training. Here are some of the ways we can support you.

Role Play

Peers and Players Asia
We assist in the assessment and development of communication skills, in a supportive and challenging environment. We play subordinates, senior managers, partners, and clients.

Real Play

Participants describe a real, problematic work place situation, and recreate it with the help of our actors. This provides an opportunity to practice new skills, receive coaching, and create win-win situations at work.

Presentation Skills

Peers and Players Singapore
We can deliver programs suited to the needs of your staff – large or small groups, or individuals. We use the actors ‘tool box’ of physical and vocal training and improvisation games.

Training Videos

Peers and Players can conceptualise, write, cast, shoot, edit and deliver your training videos to the specifications you require.

Event Performances

Our performances are modelled on your specific workplace issues. We ‘play back’ the issues which need to be examined, and follow up with audience discussion. These presentations provide entertaining and effective learning.

Personal Coaching

Receive individual coaching from professional actors on a range of competencies, including presentation skills for meetings and events.

Increase results from your
training programs

Ensure your training programs have the most effective outcomes.

Each of our actors effortlessly marries professional performance skills with a personal in-depth knowledge of the corporate world and well honed role-play, facilitation and training techniques. So you can rest assured the Peers and Players people delivering your programs understand the complex issues involved, and how best to facilitate learning with your staff.

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How can we help you provide more effective corporate training today?